Surfing Advice


Surfing is one of the most exciting, intriguing, compelling, exhausting and fulfilling activities on this planet. It is, however one of the most complex and frustrating activities. However, don’t be put off. Surfing is great fun whatever your level of skill. Follow these few basic tips and be aware of basic safety and you will soon be one of the millions of surfers around the world who have enjoyed the benefits of tapping into the natural energy of the ocean. The basic truth about learning to surf is that nothing will replace hours of practice in the sea.


If you haven’t got a board or a wetsuit, we are able to help you  at Putsborough Sands.  Please see our Surf Hire section and all the information that you require is there!

  • Learn to surf on a board with plenty of buoyancy thus providing you with plenty of buoyancy
  • Always attach the leash to your leg and never undo it in the water.
  • One of the best ways to get started is by having a starter lesson from a BSA approved surf school or instructor.


Putsborough is ideal for those wishing to learn to surf, as well as those with a little more experience, as it is regarded as one of the safest beaches in North Devon.
Do not hesitate to call for assistance if necessary either at the Gate House or by using the telephone situated at the top of the car park. To contact the coastguard, dial 999
Common Sense Points when surfing at Putsborough.

  • Do not attempt to surf unless you can swim at least 50 metres.
  • Always wear a wetsuit
  • Never surf near the rocks, to the right of the Yellow House is recommended.
  • When starting out don’t go further than waist deep
  • Never surf alone
  • Never surf immediately after a meal
  • Never surf after drinking alcohol
  • Always wear a ‘leash’ (or leg rope) and never undo it in the water.
  • Be aware of other water users, especially swimmers
  • Do not stay in the water after you begin to feel cold.
Surfing Advice