Here just for the day – No problem…….

For those not fortunate enough to be resident with us and who wish to visit daily, our award-winning facilities at the beach are at your disposal and you will be welcomed at our spacious car park adjoining and overlooking the sands.

The following car parking charges will apply in The High Season – rates may well be lower away from these periods and will be displayed upon arrival at The Gate House. Out of season, i.e over the winter, we are now offering our new “Winter Tickets” –  Please contact us on 01271 890121 for up to date pricing or enquire at our Beach Office.

Thank you.


Daily car parking (high season) £ 13.50
Weekly car park tickets £ 63
Fortnightly car park tickets £ 110.00
Annual / ” Season Ticket” £ 230.00
Car Parking