Equipment Costs

Hire Charges (£) 2 Hours 1 Day
Surfboard 6.00 12.00
Wetsuit 6.00 12.00
Bodyboard 5.00 10.00
Stand up PaddleBoard 20.00 40.00

Tel: 01271 890 231
Beach direct: 01271 890 121

Terms and Conditions of Hire

  • Any loss of equipment, or damage to, will be paid for. In the case of damage the cost of repair and in the case of loss, the replacement charge.
  • An overtime charge will be applied for the late return of equipment at a  rate of £2.50 per half hour or part thereof.
  • All wetsuits will be returned free from sand and not inside out.

Putsborough Sands Ltd accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or injury caused by hiring this equipment.

A deposit may be required

Equipment For Hire